We are a group of professionals and people with lived experience who understand the importance of being able to talk about Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). We are very aware that some women and men who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood, prior to the age of 16, may not always be able to get the support they need from NHS services. We want to provide time and a safe space to allow women and men to talk about their experiences. In being able to do this, we hope to reduce the feelings of isolation, stigma, self-blame, depression and anxiety that women and men often feel.

We offer:

  • Trauma Awareness and Resourcing Course

This is an opportunity to think together in a female or male group about CSA and its consequences. It helps to identify healthy strategies for managing the strong feelings, confusion and distress that survivors often experience. It also looks at what might be the next step forward in your journey.

  • Individual therapy

This offers a safe space in which to explore with an experienced therapist what has happened to you. You will be able to discuss how it has affected you and what you need to do in order to heal. It may be that part of the process takes place in group therapy.

  • Group therapy

This is for individuals who have attended a Trauma Awareness and Resourcing Group or who have engaged in individual therapy. Individuals might then have the possibility of attending group therapy. Group Therapy takes place in male or female groups and is a very powerful experience. Within this safe space individuals can share their experiences, break silence and secrecy and begin to carry less shame and self-blame. It offers the possibility to express sometimes frightening and powerful emotions in a safe space.

  • Lived Experience Support

We recognise that many people find new things difficult, and attending our courses and group therapy meetings can seem very daunting to begin with. We can offer individual support to anyone who feels this would help them over this worry. Our Lived Experience Support People have all been through this themselves and understand how it feels to be trying to access help. They would be very happy to offer this additional support either by phone, or in person, prior to the beginning of our Trauma Awareness and Resourcing Course or the Group Therapy, and subsequently if needed. Whilst the initial contact is free, there is a small fee subsequently.

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